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Setup a new local sourcing team in Beijing for Scania

Leonardo R. Del Prá
Purchasing Director  
Truck and Bus RSO Asia Pacific
“Moving an office to another city is never an easy task in China. One big challenge is to rebuild a team on the same level as the previous one. Luckily we have Reno as our long time recruitment partner, who knows very well our company culture and our expectations on each specific role.”

Project Summary

In China, the employees are very reluctant to change their living locations because all the social benefits and children education are bonded with the local residence certificate (hukou). When announcing the moving plan, most of the staff would start to look for other jobs, which means the daily performance might be influenced by declining motivation.

Reno’s consultant responded by setting up a clear time plan together with Scania based on the priorities of each needed role. The candidate search process went smoothly because Reno’s consultant and researchers already had a very good understanding of the job profiles from previous recruitment for Scania.


Positions recruited:

Sourcing Manager, Buyer, Supplier Quality Engineer


Scania is a world leading manufacturer of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines.




All members of the new team were successfully recruited and got on board as scheduled. Now they are part of Volkswagen Truck and Bus Regional Sourcing Office.
Setup and develop the China organization for Boxon
Setup and develop the China organization for Boxon