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Our Successes

Recruit Production Technician for Vagabond

Mats Nilson
Chairman of the Board, Vagabond
"Reno Consulting has delivered excellent candidates that are helping us to achieve our goal of growing our purchasing organization in China. It has been great working with them and they have been a tremendous and valued partner for us."

Project Summary:

Vagabond wanted to find a person with strong technical skills on sample development. The best way to evaluate candidates is to see how they perform in a real production process. So besides the normal interview process, Reno also arranged a sampling test process in a shoe factory of a Vagabond’s supplier.

By joining the factory tour with candidates, Reno's consultant also gained a good understanding of the shoe making process, which can help us to deliver more qualified candidates for the future needs from Vagabond.


Positions recruited:

Developer, Technician, Retail Country Manager


Vagabond is a leading fashion footwear brand in Sweden, dedicated to style and driven by unique knowledge of shoemaking.




The technician we found has been giving strong technical support to the development team in Sweden and the production team in Vietnam. He’s also very happy with the opportunity to travel between these countries.
Find skilled engineers for AP&T
Find skilled engineers for AP&T